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Through the series of events , which are being held in Turkey and abroad, devolved prospects for exhibitions and economic events , Our company AFAK Events LTD itself build a platform effective and integrated through which offers a package of economic solutions and business to the business community along throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

Based on what we offer in the means of establishment of trade fairs and conferences that rely professional and effectiveness of a great service to reach the desired goals of the parties involved, and its effective role in activating the trade exchange between the countries, the role and the historic responsibility rests with those who call and adopts the establishment of these events, forcing them to confirm the level of standards that are supposed be considered and introduced, to ensure that work in the proper manner and purposeful appearance.

So we keep in mind this role and size, and armed with partnerships and twinning with our colleagues in the vital area, asking the Lord Almighty superiority and success.

Hadi Bekai
El Hadi Bekai

One of the most important professional success factors in our industry is to transform and develop the content of the analysis and statistics of the facts and figures to events and forums and conferences and exhibitions, represent in its entirety correct birth to those serious attempts Order the wheel of the economy forward, and at different levels And the belief of the business owners that the interview face to face is the easiest and fastest in practice in technical achievement and access for the purposes rather than other means of communication via the Internet or a network.

It became necessary for us to build platforms and business forums serve this principle and purpose. From here we take pride from our strong focus on a professionally experienced team puts our customers needs and long-term relationships with them within the highest priority.

And from an international aspect we put between our eyes endeavors of many friendly countries and neighbors in improving their trade balance and increasing the proportion of its exports and increase gross domestic product by Permanent promotion of industries and international trade, which cannot be achieved primarily optimal only through forums platforms and trade fairs and related conferences. From here highlights the fact that each of us has a role in moving the economy this giant machine, especially if we act sufficiently and by modern ways in this endeavor. We ask Allah the Almighty to enlighten our path and save the country and its people..