Arab Companies Meeting in Turkey


Within the strategic concept of boosting the bilateral trade and the economic relations between the Arab Coun- tries according to the directions of the Economic Unity Council of the Arab League aiming at advancing the Arab Economy Unity forward, and to follow the best ways to develop their economies and to achieve integra- tion amongst them.
In line with the orientation of the Turkish Government’s proposal to build an economic bloc in the Middle East Region in order to create real competition and a major support before the International Challenges; therefore, Istanbul is hosting the Arab business forum 2017 for providing a unique platform for the business sections of the Arab World and to benefit from the Turkish experience and to create long term cooperation.
The Participants:

  • Arab Economic Bodies and Institutions.
  • Arab and Turkish Chambers of Industry and Commerce.
  • Councils and Unions of Businessmen and Investors.
  • Arab and Turkish Commercial, Industrial and Services Companies.
  • Experts of Economy, Consultants and Owners of the successful commercial companies.

The Main Targets of the Forum

  • The definition of the products, industries and services of the exhibiting companies.
  • Raise the level of trade exchange and enhance the two-way investments between the Arab companies, and to benefit from the Turkish economical presence in the Region.
  • The definition of the Investment, Trade and Economy opportunities in the Arab Country as an active destination before the Turkish economy and depending on the exchange and the commercial partnerships.
  • Open new markets for the products and industries of the participating States as well as activating trade between them and Turkey.


  • Largest and fastest-growing industry in the wider Middle East
  • Export-dependent and largest exporter of all goods worldwide
    Located at the intersection point of Central Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe, Turkey reaches to the boundaries of the European Union on one hand, Iraq and Russia on the other hand, while opening out to the entire world through the Mediterranean and Black Sea. Turkey, with her young population of 80 million and GDP of 820 billion USD is the 17th biggest economic power in the world. Turkey with its dynamic market successfully integrated into the global economy Turkey is an ‘economy of production’, intending to achieve economic growth by relying on her entrepre- neurial power and human resources. Another signifi- cant characteristic of the Turkish economy is its ability to perform such activities while being a member of Cus- toms Union and World Trade Organization, i.e. in a competitive market without any protective measures.

Why Istanbul ?

  • Economic and tourism capital
  • Population of almost 20 millions
  • Trade hub for thousands of years
  • Major port for non-oil related goods
  • Largest commercial city in Middle East

Istanbul is one of the few cities which has been the center of the country’s economic life. When we glance at the city’s economy and working-occupational-pro- fessional life, Istanbul generates about 23% of Turkey’s Gross National Product (GNP). Its annual contribution to the state budget is about 40%. On the other hand, the city’s share of government expenditures has remained roughly 7-8%. The headquarters of all private banks, and 21% of the total number of bank branches in Turkey, are located in Istanbul.
Istanbul has a central importance in both domestic and international trade. The added value created in Istanbul, reaches 26.5 % of provincial total added value. Exports from Istanbul make up 46% of Turkey’s total, imports into Istanbul make up 40% of Turkey’s total.
Istanbul is Europe’s third and world’s 21st biggest city. The city has a population of 20 million residents according to the latest count as of 2013.
Istanbul that makes continents meet is also a world-embracing congress city with its own wealth of history and nature, its being an international center of arts and culture, its accessibility, alternatives of accom- modation, professional services, price policies and the quality of its convention centers.
Coming forward with its unique historical accumula- tion and splendid natural beauties, as well as success- fully undersigning several international events in recent years, Istanbul was selected as the “2010 Euro- pean Culture Capital.” In 2011 and 2012, Istanbul achieved to rank at the top in the world for congresses with over 500 delegates. The next target is to keep its place in the ranking of the top 3 congress cities in Europe and the top 5 in the world and to attempt the global leadership every year.
Istanbul puts its existing values inaction as a tourism potential and it hosts national and international organi- zations with high numbers of participants.

Currency:        Turkish Lira ₺ (TRY)
Time Zone:       East Europe, UTC+2
Electricity :    22o watt


  • More than 200 expected participators from over 26 countries
  • Participators profile: manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers,
    logistic, dealers .. and more.
  • Over 4,000 domestic and international trade visitors, 80% of
    them will come from Arab countries.
  • Visitor profile: manufacturers, distributors, dealers, agents,
    wholesalers, retailers, government personnel, key buyers and media.
  • The one and only platform to reach the whole Arab & Turkish industrial and commercial market.


Meet your New Partners at ARAB BUSINESS FORUM 2017
A refined and comfortable meeting environment will be provided through open office system in an area isolated from the forum program, with attendance of companies from any branch of event sectors, invited to our ARAB BUSINESS FORUM 2017
Our bilateral meetings our ARAB BUSINESS FORUM 2017 will offer you more than a short intro- ductory conversation, and give you an opportunity to meet a lot of attendees from different places of the world and to build a much more extensive and professional social network in your own spe- cialization.
You can optimize the time you spend in the exhibition area by organizing pre-scheduled and targeted business meetings and planning your participation in the exhibition more effectively.
In addition, you will be provided through bilateral meetings with a refined and comfortable meet- ing environment with the open office system isolated from the forum program.
After the forum, you will have acquired opportunities for new friendships, exchange of information and experiences as well as new investment opportunities and partnerships.
We will be delighted to see you at this great meeting.

Event Details
  • Start Date
    July 17, 2017 9:00 am
  • End Date
    July 20, 2017 5:00 pm
  • Status
  • Location
Event Details
  • Start Date
    July 17, 2017 9:00 am
  • End Date
    July 20, 2017 5:00 pm
  • Status
  • Location