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Raise awareness of the importance of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as a major source of diversification of the economy away from oil dependence.

Ensure reposition of the Libyan SME's sector emerging in world trade.

Facilitating access to the Turkish experience and practices of SME for supporters and initiators in Libya.

Get a closer look at the successful Turkish experience in the field of small and medium enterprises, and to transfer the experience and good practices in this field to Libya.

Creating Libyan-Turkish partnerships to build and support the SME's sector in Libya through the establishment of joint financing funds.

Topics of the Forum

The role of the government and its policy in supporting the SME’s.

The environment conductive to the growth of the SME’s

Developing scientific research and creative capabilities of projects.

Institutional building to support the SME’s.

Facilitate funding of SME’s.

Free zones and technical gardens and creativity

Developing the skills of management of SME’s.

We are proud of the supporting and targeted parties to participate

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